A simple rule to follow in landscape design is to have unity throughout your home, a sense of balance and belonging.

Chances are if you strive for unity in your landscape design, you will have an easier time choosing your landscape materials. First of all look at your house. Now if you’re building an enclosure like a fence or wall, you should have the enclosure compliment the house.

For example, a gray bricked home could have a masonry wall or a cedar home would look best with a living privacy fence made of hedges. Balance and uniformity is the key.

Some of the best landscaping supplies are rocks, blocks, boulders, and bricks. Use them to build walls, or use them as part of your landscape – in the garden or around a fire pit for instance.



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Concrete Pavers

Our concrete pavers are easily installed, so you can do it yourself or work with a professional contractor. Unlike poured concrete, there is no need for curing on the job site. Once your patio, driveway or walkway is installed, it’s ready to use. What’s more, they can successfully be installed any time of year, preventing costly construction delays.

Our pavers also move and flex without cracking under the pressures of freeze/thaw cycles. They remain cooler than asphalt or poured concrete during warm weather. And since there is no mortar required for installation, they can be removed for below-grade access, then invisibly be replaced.

Presidential Series: Monroe's


Presidential Series: Lincoln's

Presidential Series: Vintage™ Tumbled

Presidential Series: Washington's

Clay Pavers

Cambridge Molded Paver

#115 Red Flash Paver

#105 Red Paver
Concrete Retaining Walls

Unlike other wall systems that require concrete footings and mortar, our retaining walls are based on solid-unit design, which allows for simple and accurate installation. Handy-Wall, Handy-Stone II, Cobble, Accent, or Weathered Edington Wall Stone units can be used for small decorative walls or tree surrounds while Versa-LOK® and Weathered Mosaic units can be used for larger wall designs or walls requiring engineering or soil retention. Decorative walls with corners, curves and steps are constructed with speed and ease.

Not only are our retaining walls typically less expensive than poured-in-place concrete or stone walls, they are virtually maintenance free. And unlike toxic-treated timbers, you won’t be replacing weather-damaged sections year after year. Our retaining walls maintain their splendor with unsurpassed resistance to breakage both during construction and over the years.

Mosaic Versa-LOK®

Edington Wall Stone

Handy Stone II™


Paving Stone

Flagstone walkways always lend a sense of timeless beauty. Adjustable to any shape or configuration, stone takes the edge off overly geometric landscapes. Stone is sold by the ton. A ton of 2-inch-thick flagstone will cover about 65 square feet. However, coverage varies according to thickness, so tell your stone supplier the total square footage you wish to cover.

Have the stone delivered as close to your work site as possible. Gather the special tools needed, including a baby sledge, brickset, and hand tamper. Use gloves and eye protection when cutting stone.

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