Concrete block

A strong foundation for solid construction

We proudly manufacture our concrete block locally right here in Champaign County. Our plant is located on US 36, just outside of St. Paris, OH.

We make every common shape and size available, and our block meet all relevant ASTM and local code specifications for building use.

In a home or commercial structure, above ground or below, the versatility of concrete block construction means your project can be built with ease.

Our concrete block are available in two finishes: smooth face and split face.

The craggy, rugged surface of the Split Face range responds dramatically to different levels of natural and artificial light. In bright sunshine or in deep shade this surface maintains its fascination and visual excitement. On a practical level there is nothing to compare to the wearing and weathering properties of the Split Face block, they offer the design potential of many attractive colors - all highly suitable for external and internal walling.